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Christa Nunez

Youth Farm Project / Fresh Snack Program / The Learning Farm
Ithaca, New York
I devote my time and energy toward supporting young people in their efforts to be healthy, whole, well-rounded citizens. Through sustainable agriculture education, land connection and providing hands-on experience in life-science, art, engineering and math, I help children to have crucial access to the great outdoors, allowing the forest, field, garden, creek, vineyard, waterfalls work together to create a wholesome and living playground for all children.

It is my goal to create opportunities, mainly through supporting farmers of color to obtain small family farms, in order for all children, especially the poor and excluded to interact daily in a healthful and energetic way with the natural world, through play, self-sustaining agricultural practices as well as through exploration and scientific experimentation.
Thursday, November 7

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Friday, November 8

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Saturday, November 9

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