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Francesca Gallo

Providence, RI
Francesca graduated from Brown in May of 2019 after beginning her undergraduate studies at NYU’s Gallatin School. Over the last four years, she has developed knowledge and professional experience in the fields of social entrepreneurship, food systems, community development, design and the arts, and program/event development. Francesca is looking to stay in Rhode Island and always open to professional, volunteer, or freelance opportunities with organizations pursuing community-based, systemic social change missions. She recently began a part-time, seasonal Program Coordinator position with the Downtown Providence Parks Conservancy and is about to begin a full-time position at the Providence Animal Rescue League. Her other recent experiences include supporting the planning and execution of Doors Open RI’s Pawtucket + Central Falls festival as Program Coordinator, working as Program Intern and now Farmers Market Retail Associate with Harvest Kitchen, and working as a Delivery Specialist with WhatsGood.
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