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Emilie Miyauchi

Cooperative Economics Alliance of New York City
Peer Educator

Emilie Miyauchi is a facilitator, community organizer, and educator working in the Hudson Valley and NYC regions. She comes to this work as witness to the economic, environmental, and spiritual devastation that racist and capitalist systems play out on people, communities, and the planet. In response, Emilie moves toward ways of being and building together that honor the abundance of the natural world and support the leadership of youth, women, LGBTQIA+, and people of color to create community-based models of resource sharing.

Emilie found her political home through work and study in community food systems. Her technical skillset and knowledge are based in over fifteen years working with social and environmental justice groups providing direct services and leadership, program, and organizational development. She has a background in nonprofit community education and program management, vegetable and dairy farm operation, estuary and watershed restoration, and visual arts. These experiences shape her evolving understanding of how individuals and organizations working within different sectors may grow in collective awareness and language to build inclusive complex movements.