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Fran Sanhueza

Bushwick Food Coop, Cooperative Economics Alliance of New York City
General Manager, Board Member
Fran Sanhueza came to NYC to attend The New School in 2013 from Santiago, Chile. She majored in Food Studies, focusing on food policy and social justice. She’s always had a strong interest in food, community, and understanding systems. She took a job at the Bushwick Food Coop as Community Outreach & Engagement Manager and now as General Manager, where she has learned more and more about Cooperativism and the Solidarity Economy. Outside of her cooperative work, she has had the privilege of being a research and writer assistant for the EXPO Milano 2015: USA Pavilion; a UNICEF Volunteer for an HIV/AIDS workshop at the World Jamboree in 2007; and many other projects. On her days off she participates in two community gardens and serves on two different Advisory Boards in the Bushwick community. Through all her experiences she has found she is the most engaged while working with teams focused on strengthening community bonds and working towards social justice.