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Roxanna Marroquin

Roxana is a photographer, artist, writer, and organizer from Hudson County. Born in El Salvador, she migrated to the States when she was eight years old. She received a BA in Photography and Creative Writing from New Jersey City University, and is currently pursuing a Masters in Art Therapy.
Roxana's art deals with the exploration of her identity and memory, of which she says "Through the camera lens and artistic process, I search for this memory along the lines of my skin, among the places I inhabit, inside the depths of my dreams, and within the dark remote places of my subconscious. This memory is related to where I come from, my stubborn and rebellious nature, and a restlessness that pushes me to create. Also, with a connection to Earth and everything around me. This is the memory that holds who I Am."

My Speakers Sessions

Friday, November 8

6:45pm EST